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Toboggan Conversion


The wagon conversion kits are adaptable to most commercially available wagons.  The single wagon conversion kit is for one dog.  The double wagon conversion kit is for two dogs side by side.  All wagon conversion kits utilize either a single spreader bar (wiffle tree) or in the case of the double conversion kit  a double wiffle tree is used to convert each dogs two point gait down to a single pulling point for safety and smooth transition of power and energy.   A team conversion kit is also available for a four dog hitch.

Key Benefits

  • Easily convert your garden wagon
  • Easily convert toboggans and fishing sleds
  • Economical starter draft vehicle





Single Wiffle tree & double shafts $200.00 CAD

Double tree, single shaft & joiner equipment

$250.00 CAD

Team tree, single shaft & joiner equipment

$350.00 CAD

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